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The Initial Step

The decision to seek therapy is the first step in getting help when life circumstances or events feel overwhelming.  But, identifying the right therapist can often prove challenging.  It is important to feel safe, comfortable, and understood right from the start.  I gladly offer a free 15 minute phone consultation so that you can ask important questions about therapy and to see if I would be the best fit.



My philosophy is based on the premise that all people have inner strength, and that therapy can help by accessing this natural resource.  I believe that it is a sign of courage to seek counseling, and have seen the curative benefits experienced by my clients.



My approach is highly interactive, as I actively listen and pose questions that allow clients to expand their ways of thinking.  I help identify feelings underlying anxiety that often helps reduce anxiety. Family of origin experiences can sometimes effect our current relationships, and I help clients understand these linkages.  I further help clients understand that there are multiple responses to any given situation, allowing them to feel an increased sense of control over their lives.

I have witnessed the benefits of therapy in my extensive work with individuals, groups and families.  I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds, including gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. I honor the whole person, and take into account family history, environment, and situational factors.

My Philosophy

My Approach

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